Top 10 Slimming World overnight oats recipes

 Slimming World overnight oats recipes:

Before I joined Slimming World, I hated cooking because I never really knew what to cook. I used to stick to the same recipes all the time, which was boring and made me chose takeaways instead of cooking.

Slimming World taught me how to make a lot of different recipes using more healthier ingredients and methods of cooking. Although, I think my overall favourite recipe is still overnight oats. The recipe is just so quick and easy to make and they are great for breakfast, lunch or dessert. I usually eat them with different fruits and flavoured yogurts depending on what mealtime I am using them for (I’m sure you do the same).

Recently, I came across a new pina colada overnight oats recipe, which made me think about what other ways, could you make overnight oats. I decided to do some research on different flavours and ingredients. I started to save recipes that sounded delicious and I thought I’d share what I found with other Slimming World members, who love overnight oats or wants to try something different.

Click on the links below for the details of each recipe.

    1. Banoffee overnight oats
    2. Baked oats 
    3. Blueberry overnight oats
    4. Chocolate and banana overnight oats
    5. Low syn carrot cake overnights
    6. Low syn pina colada overnight oats
    7. Peach melba overnight oats
    8. Rocky road overnight oats
    9. Toffee apple overnight oats
    10. Tropical Chocolate overnight oats

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Slimming World overnight oats recipes

    • Danielle Kitson says:

      You are very welcome Stacey. I have been reading some of your recipes and I will definitely be trying some of them!


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